America's Digital Services

Source or sell vehicles regardless of your location. America's Digital puts thousands of frontline ready vehicles at your fingertips, along with providing you thousands of viewers when you need help moving your own inventory. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


We seamlessly connect to your Inventory Management System, list and manage your aged inventory on multiple platforms.


Our dedicated team will handle everything, from creating and editing listings to facilitating communication with potential buyers.


With America's Digital OTG, you can effortlessly manage both wholesale and retail operations simultaneously, maximizing your revenue potential.


You'll be notified on all offers and sales, so you're always up to date on your inventory's status. You don't pay us unless we successfully sell your vehicle.

Maximize inventory more efficiently by hosting private digital auctions within your own dealer group.

Streamline your inventory turnover by hosting digital auctions within your own dealer group. With Trade Hub, you have the power to manage the timing and participants of online auctions that align perfectly with your dealer group's specific needs. Take control of your dealership's auction experience and boost efficiency with Trade Hub.

Buyers Digital Services

Buyers can peruse thousands of pre-auction dealer vehicles that are posted and refreshed daily, so you will always have new inventory to purchase. Buyers create their own inventory “wish list” from units not yet available on any wholesale website or at any auction! We manage the process by locating the inventory you want, facilitating with the seller, notifying you of all counters and responses, and processing your purchases and there is no cost for our inventory location services.

Sellers Digital Services

Sellers can save time and money by listing vehicles directly from their lot, allowing them to wholesale and retail at the same time. We can easily connect to your Inventory Management System to list aged inventory for wholesale on industry platforms all at no cost to you. America’s Auto Auction will manage your vehicle listings, facilitate with the buyer, notify you of all offers and sales, and edit the listings as you sell/move inventory.

Sale Day Simulcasting

Join in the auction action from anywhere and participate in online live America’s wholesale auctions via Edge Simulcast. Search and source inventory that fit your needs and bid alongside dealers in-lane.