America’s Group Celebrates National Women’s History Month by Honoring Female Leaders

Carmel, IN, March 15th, 2024 – In recognition of National Women’s History Month, America’s Group, which includes America’s Auto Auction and AXLE Funding, is proud to honor and highlight some of the exceptional women who hold leadership positions within its organization.  These remarkable women offer valuable insights as they share their perspectives on leadership and its significance in driving positive change and fostering success.

Among these leaders is Katlin Bosley, General Manager at America’s Auto Auction Jacksonville. Katlin epitomizes leadership through service and resilience. She reflects, “A quote that resonates deeply with me is, ‘If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.’ My motivation to overcome any roadblock fuels my leadership drive. Within this industry, there is no shortage of challenges or learning opportunities.” Bosley’s commitment to serving and tackling obstacles with determination defines her leadership approach.

In addition, Katie Bogenhagen, Assistant General Manager at America’s Auto Auction Wisconsin, contributes to their team’s success with her firm belief in the power of leading by example. Bogenhagen says, “Leading by example is key to building a team of motivated, successful employees. Encouraging employees to understand all aspects of our work can make all the difference.” 

At America’s Auto Auction Pittsburgh, Sales Manager Mindi Johnson offers a wealth of advice for young women entering the industry. She states, “Knowledge is power! Always be ready to learn from your team and competitors. Everyone, regardless of rank or tenure, has something constructive to teach you. The automotive industry is ever-changing and fast-paced, and continuous learning is the key to success.”

Carrie Johnson, General Sales Manager at America’s Auto Auction Kansas City, fosters a supportive team culture through active listening and recognizing individual strengths. She emphasizes the importance of listening to team members and encouraging mutual feedback. According to Carrie, “To build a supportive team, you must be able to listen… By nature, people want to be heard.” She believes in nurturing individual strengths, offering genuine feedback, and embracing mistakes as learning opportunities. Carrie leads by example, fostering a culture of respect and support throughout the organization.

Meanwhile, Judith Ayub, General Manager at America’s Auto Auction El Paso, emphasizes continuous learning and positivity in her leadership approach. She shares, “I stay motivated and inspired as a leader by believing in continuous learning and sharing the knowledge with my team.” Ayub encourages surrounding oneself with positive influences and transforming “I might do” into “I will do” to achieve goals.

Chuck Tapp, CEO of America’s Auto Auction, emphasizes, “We take great pride in highlighting the invaluable contributions of our women leaders. Their pivotal roles in leading various auction locations exemplify excellence within our organization on a daily basis.”

About America’s Group

America’s Group (the “Company”) is comprised of America’s Auto Auction and AXLE Funding, leading nationwide vehicle auction / remarketing and floorplan finance companies. 

America’s Auto Auction is a full-service used-vehicle auction services provider that facilitates the wholesale remarketing of used vehicles for B2B customers, delivering a critical liquidity function to enable the used car sales ecosystem. Based in Carmel, IN, America’s Auto Auction facilitates the selling and buying of used vehicles at physical auction sites across 19 states as well as on digital platforms. The Company’s daily mission is simple and straightforward: to provide high quality service and operational execution for dealers and institutional customers.

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