Auction Roundup: New GMs at Greater Kalamazoo, Tallahassee Auto Auctions

Following the retirement this month of former XLerate Group Auctions’ Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction owner and general manager, Eric Wagner was named the new general manager of GKAA.

Wagner brings more than 30 years of auto auction experience for independent and corporate-owned auctions to his new role as general manager. Wagner is originally from Toledo, Ohio, and has managed sales teams and auctions in major markets such as Michigan, Georgia and Florida.

XLerate Group chief executive officer Cam Hitchcock described Wagner’s management approach as a strong fit for the GKAA team.

“His experience with growing consignment and improving technological capabilities are 100% aligned with our strategy for Greater Kalamazoo,” Hitchcock said in a news release.

Hitchcock added that Don and Harriett DeVries founded Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction in 1976, and XLerate Group auctions acquired the auction in 2015.

“The DeVries family, and Daryl in particular, created a lasting legacy of success and progress at GKAA. Daryl has set the course for Eric Wagner to continue that trajectory,” Hitchcock said.

Wagner said he was honored to join Greater Kalamazoo, “and humbled to take the reins from a man who is so respected in this industry.”

He continued, “Daryl and his family built a strong and capable team, running an exemplary, highly regarded auction.”

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