XLerate purchases EPI auction


The XLerate Group has purchased the EPI-El Paso auction from the McConkey Auction Group. With the addition of EPI, XLerate now has Texas auctions in Austin, Dallas and El Paso, plus its locations in California, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“EPI is the latest step in XLerate’s plan to grow our business, footprint, and its service offering by acquiring quality independent sales.  Formerly part of the McConkey (Auction) Group, EPI is highly respected and will be a nice complement to XLerate’s Dallas and Austin-area auctions,” XLerate’s chief executive officer Cam Hitchcock said in a statement.

“This acquisition broadens XLerate’s presence in the robust Texas market and augments our capabilities to service fleet/lease and financial institution customers.  We are honored that Luke Pidgeon and his staff will join XLerate’s operating management team,” Hitchcock said. “I expect that the XLerate Group will benefit from EPI’s and Luke’s experience in providing best-in-class service execution to both area dealers and marquis national consignors.”

Pidgeon, who is GM at EPI, said: “Joining the XLerate Group is exciting for me, and for the EPI auction family. A geographically diverse group of sales like XLerate will provide a wide range of growth opportunities for our employees.

“I also want to thank Bob McConkey and Greg Mahugh for their support and the opportunity they have provided all of us here in El Paso.  In a relatively short time, EPI has been built into a leading West Texas sale.  We intend to continue to build on this legacy of trust and success as part of the XLerate Group.”

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