2 XLerate Auctions Raise Funds for Local Outreach Programs

XLerate Group Auctions announced Monday that its Charleston Auto Auction and El Paso Independent Auto Auction are currently raising funds to help two local community outreach programs.

In Charleston, S.C., Charleston AA is raising money for East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO), and El Paso Independent AA is raising funds for non-profit corporation Compadres Therapy in El Paso, Texas.

ECCO was founded as an emergency relief effort after the devastation from Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The program grew into a permanent resource for the community after it was founded in 1989 as an emergency relief effort to help people recovering from Hurricane Hugo.

Funds from Charleston AA will support comprehensive oral exams and screenings, x-rays, extractions, cleanings, fillings and emergency extractions, XLerate Group said.

“Create smiles in the low country’ is our rallying call,” Charleston AA general manager Laura Taylor said in a news release. “Helping families to maintain good dental health in an area where that service is not within their budget gives us a chance to impact the needs of our community.”

Meanwhile, Compadres Therapy works with health and educational professionals to promote the power of human-animal bond among economically disadvantaged people in El Paso with special needs in regards to physical, intellectual and emotional challenges.

“We’ve asked our dealers and staff to join in EPI’s efforts to bring healing through our natural bond with animals,” auction general manager Luke Pidgeon said. “Compadres’ licensed therapists and certified instructors use various therapeutic methods, like the physical movements of horses or the interactions between horse and human, to overcome physical and mental health impediments,” he explained.

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